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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Gloves Are Off, Part ?

From Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters, this surreal performance by Janet Porter, professional right-wing Christian theocrat:

Black Tsunami had this to say:

Porter, who has done many bizarre things such as claiming that anyone voting for Obama is going to hell and writing a fictional account of Christians forced into "re-education camps" had Hilary Clinton won the 2008 presidential election, actually prayed for the "Christian takeover" of the media. Apparently amongst other things, she wants "more influence than Oprah Winfrey, " and desires "to make CBS 'the "Christian Broadcasting System.'"

Aside from the fact that the Christian right is largely in control of the public discourse in this country already -- have you noticed how often Tony Perkins, leader of a recognized hate group, is on the air "debating" gay civil rights? -- in light of open calls by "Christian" beauty queens for the execution of gays, or at least, if we listen to the American Family Association, the recriminalization of homosexual behavior, and now wanting to control the media, you start to wonder if any of these people have ever read the New Testament.

WWJD? Throw up, probably.

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