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Monday, March 15, 2010

News from New Hampshire

From Pam's House Blend. It seems that many in New Hampshire understand that civil rights are not appropriate for a popular vote. It also seems that a statewide campaign of lies and fear-mongering is necessary for anti-gay bigots to carry the day. Read the whole post -- some of the comments by New Hampshire residents are wonderful. And the town of Plainfield gets a gold star:

Plainfield CRUSHED the article on marriage by amending it to be pro-equality with a 185-40 vote, and then passing the amended version. The amended version instructed the Selectboard to send a letter to the governor and state legislators "commending them for passing and signing into law legislation affirming marriage equality for all New Hampshire residents."

There's an incredible degree of arrogance in assuming the mantle of the one who should determine how others live their lives. It's an arrogance that infests a certain brand of Christianity -- that's the segment that only reads the Old Testament (and I wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn that many of them believe Jesus wrote it.)

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