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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Say It With Flowers

Nancy Pelosi is one of the unsung heroes in Congress. I've had my differences with her priorities, but I'll readily admit that she has proven herself more effective than any other member of the Democratic leadership.

On the heels of the HCR victory, the Kos community sent her flowers for her birthday. To give a hint of what kind of person she is, first watch the following video:

And then read this post.

She deserves them, not only for shepherding HCR through the House, but for what she had to deal with in doing it. As a taste of the contrast between the right-wing noise and the reality, one of Sullian's readers sent this translation of some of Newt Gingrich's maunderings. (I can't quote it with all the formatting, so follow the link.)


Beth said...

I do agree that Flowers are among the best ways that allow people to express their truest feelings. Nice blog

Hunter said...

I love getting flowers. I love giving flowers. And I like to think that if someone sent me 2600 red roses, I'd deal with them the same way she did.

I also think this was a very good response to the teabaggers and their death threats.