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Friday, August 19, 2011

Compare and Contrast (Updated)

First, the latest fundraising letter from one of the most disgusting people in the world, Tony Perkins of the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council. I'm not going to quote the letter because it's too disgusting, but it's short -- you can read it at the link. What it boils down to is that Perkins and his pet hate group would prefer that gay kids kill themselves, and support bullying as a way to weed out all the non-believers. (I.e., everyone who's not just like them -- as if anyone would want to be.)

Compare this to these two posts from what has to be one of the world's greatest moms. (The first post is at the bottom.)

Which one would you like to share a planet with?


Here's another update from the mom. It's sobering:

But here are all these people online talking about how great I am. And what did I do? I said I unconditionally love my kid. Is that so rare people need to go out of their way to talk about how cool it is? I didn't think so, but now I am beginning to wonder.

Because the part that really breaks my heart are those messages in my inbox. The ones from kids whose parents have evidently failed at the most important part of parenting: Actually loving their kid. The notes are simple and devastating, and almost always end the same way: thanking me for loving my own child. . . .

But unfortunately, the notes that make me smile and laugh are the minority. Most of them are like the one I am staring at right now. A heart broken kid who just desperately wishes his mom would just stop saying awful things to him. A kid who wishes his mom still loved him.

If you're looking for some root causes, take a look at this comment from Jeremy Hooper:

Considering president Tony Perkins went on NPR and said that gay kids commit suicide because they know they are "abnormal," the following document probably shouldn't come as any surprise. But when you consider that this condemnation of the "It Gets Better" project and LGBT youth in general was used to RAISE. FUNDS. for the Family Research Council and its work supporting the GOP, the attack takes on a whole new weight.

It appears that as long as your whole moral foundation is centered on what other people do with their genitals, there are no other limits. Is Tony Perkins disgusting? Certainly. Is he alone? Sadly, there are too many like him, and they are way too influential.

I hope the GLSEN action pulls some of his teeth.


Nikolaos said...

The Hate-Mongers are so horrible. Evil. The wrap themselves in their magic cloaks of Christianity and "love" but they are hypocritical, revolting, evil and frankly unChristian.

We needed the antidote of that mother's love for her son to undo the damage of the poison.

Loathsome ppl.

Hunter said...

They're morally bankrupt, and they have way too much legitimacy. What I'd like to see the next time Tony Perkins is on some talk show to "debate" some gay issue is for the pro-equality side to just ask the host point-blank why they've invited the head of a recognized ant-gay hate group and a documented liar to discuss gay issues.

See the update for more commentary.