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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Have to Comment on This

This blog post has been noticed in a number of gay blogs, with pretty negative comments, so I checked it out. The blogger,, Stacy Transacos, is a Catholic convert and stay-at-home mother in Massachusetts, and the whole post is pretty pathetic. After a couple of paragraphs describing the horror of same-sex couples at the park and the public pool, some with children, behaving just like normal people, she comes up with this:

We are responsible citizens. We live by the rules, we pay our taxes, we take care of our things. I'm supposed to be able to influence what goes on in my community, and as a voter I do exercise that right. But I'm outnumbered. I can't even go to normal places without having to sit silently and tolerate immorality.

Point 1: they are also responsible citizens, by all visible evidence just like you -- except not as self-centered. Point 2: we all have to tolerate things we don't like in this world. It's part of being an American -- you know, recognizing that not everyone is just like us and they have the same rights to express themselves that we do.

I had sort of passed over this a few times then decided to read the actual post to see if she is really has narrow as the quotes made her look. She's worse. Her children, who are ostensibly the root of her discomfort with gay couples being gay couples in public, are quite obviously merely an excuse.

I also held my breath in anticipation of awkward questions - questions I'm not ready to answer. My young daughters are all under the age of eight and they are not old enough to understand why a baby would have two women calling themselves "mommies".

How about answering the questions honestly? As in, "Sometimes two men or two women fall in love and want to have a family, just like a man and a woman."? How's that for starters? And from all available evidence, children are able to deal with this sort of thing just fine. It's their parents, particularly conservative, strongly judgmental parents, that have problems.

And then we get to the misrepresentations.

Our taxes are being used to fund contraception, abortion and IVF already. That offends me in ways that are inexpressible. I read last December in the Wall Street Journal how two men near us are raising two assembled daughters after announcing to the world how they killed two other siblings in surrogate mothers in India.

If you actually read the article she links to, it's quite obvious the men made a difficult decision in the best way they could, and really had to fight for some distance on it. It's an article about offshore surrogacy, and she skipped all the parts about straight couples.

You can read the whole rant if you want to. Her word, not mine -- I consider it more of a tantrum. I did think about reading some of her other posts to see if she's really as childish and self-centered as this one makes her seem, but after working through the whole thing, I didn't have the stomach for it.

The comments are instructive. I did read some of them, and her responses to those who disagree with her, however politely, are what you might expect.

The post is titled "Can't Even Go To The Park." Of course she can. I recommend, though, that she do so with adult supervision.

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