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Friday, December 02, 2011

Stenography 101

From WaPo. You can read the whole thing -- there's no substance to it, so it won't take long. Or you can read the headline, which pretty much tells the story.
Newt Gingrich as president could turn the White House into an ideas factory

Strangely enough, the only people they talked to about Newt's "ideas" were from conservative think tanks. How do you suppose that happened?

It's now become "he said, she said" reporting without the "she said."

Oh, and speaking of contemptible people, here's a great post at Balloon Juice on the arbiter of all that's holy in fiscal conservatism.
Sacrifice is needed, but it must come from the poor and the middle-class.

Congressional Republicans have come up with a plan for a ritual sacrifice of workers that is crafted to appease The Grover. Instead of asking any of the Nation’s 300,000 millionaire to pay their share, they will ask all Federal Employees to pay for the extension of the tax holiday and unemployment benefit through payroll freezes and the elimination of 200,000 workers from the work force.

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