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Thursday, December 29, 2011

This Is Just Too Good

The GOP campaigns for the Iowa caucuses (you know, that's the one where the fringiest loons in Iowa turn out to pick a winner who can't possibly get the nomination because he/she is certifiable) just get better. Michele Bachmann's Iowa co-chair endorsed Ron Paul. That's funny enough, but this bit is priceless:

Sorenson, in fact, appeared at a Bachmann event just this afternoon — a stop at the Pizza Ranch in his hometown of Indianola.

Sorenson said little at the event, but appeared with Bachmann and clearly offered indications of support for her candidacy.

Fellow Bachmann campaign co-chairman Brad Zaun told reporters Sorenson had just returned from the dentist, and Sorenson himself said he was saying little because he was still numb and afraid he would drool on himself.

That sort of says it all.

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