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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Disgusting People (Updated)

And the star of the show today is Mitt Romney. Forget his little "relief" rally -- which was a Romney Victory Rally with canned goods, that the Red Cross doesn't even want and now has to spend time and resources dealing with -- although their statement on this whole issue is choice:
"The American Red Cross appreciates the support from the Romney campaign and is working with the campaign to process this donation of supplies," the statement read. "We are grateful that both the Obama and Romney campaigns have also encouraged the public to send financial donations to the Red Cross. We encourage individuals who want to help to consider making a financial donation or making an appointment to give blood."

Which I translate as "Thank you, Governor, and for those who really want to help. . . ."

The real disgusting part is that he wants to privatize disaster relief. Here's a post from Maha on that little item, with a video, which I'm not going to embed. I can't really excerpt her post -- read the whole thing. She lays out the reason for government -- and that's the federal government -- coordinating disaster relief. Short answer: Because nothing but the federal government has the resources and expertise.

And of course, it would take a sociopath like Mitt Romney to think that it's legitimate to make a profit off of something like Sandy.

Privatize this, asshole:

Via Joe.My.God. That's the entrance to the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel in NYC.


Remember Michael "Heckuva Job" Brown, Bush's FEMA director? Same syndrome:

A day after criticizing President Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy in a Denver Westword interview, former FEMA Director Michael Brown clarified his comments Tuesday on a radio show he co-hosts with David Sirota. Pressed on his criticisms, Brown explained that he had no substantive objection to the Obama administration’s emergency management, but felt he missed out on a political opportunity.

Brown suggested that Obama could have taken more political advantage from the hurricane to squeeze “more mileage out of” the tragedy[.]

All politics, all the time. (And why is anyone asking that incompetent for his opinion anyway?)

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