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Friday, October 12, 2012

Some Happy Things

to set you up for the weekend:

First, I'm sure you've heard about Ryan Andreson, the Scout who met all the requirements for an Eagle Scout badge, which was denied because he's gay. He was invited go appear on Ellen deGeneres' show:

His mom's a total winner.

(Via Towleroad) Click through and sign the petition.

Check out the members of Congress who joined the NOH8 campaign in honor of National Coming Out Day. My own rep is there:

Nordstrom has come out in support of Washington's Referendum 74.

And this is just for fun: two of my favorite TV people, together:

And this is the joke of the day, courtesy of "Mr. Watchdog," Rep. Darryl Issa: possible hearings of the House Oversight Committee on the "fudged" job numbers.

I may add to this as I run across more goodies, but that should get you started.

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