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Friday, November 23, 2012

They really don't get it

I really can't add anything to this article from NYT.

It's really pretty bad when straight reporting, even filtered through the MSM, points up the complete lack of any integrity in the Republican Party.

This is good:

Inside the Romney campaign, there is little doubt that Mr. Christie’s expressions of admiration for the president, coupled with ubiquitous news coverage of the hurricane’s aftermath, raised Mr. Obama’s standing at a crucial moment.

During a lengthy autopsy of their campaign, Mr. Romney’s political advisers pored over data showing that an unusually large number of voters who remained undecided until the end of the campaign backed Mr. Obama. Many of them cited the storm as a major factor in their decision, according to a person involved in the discussion.

“Christie,” a Romney adviser said, “allowed Obama to be president, not a politician.”

Maybe it's because the country wants a president, not a politician.

I give up. I really do.


Nikolaos said...

Call me naive, but I suspect it may have done Christie good on the national stage, with ordinary voters. He showed he cared about his state and its ppl, and not party allegiances.

Hunter said...

Exactly. The Republicans don't see past the end of their own ideology -- like, for example, actually governing.