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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Heterosexual Awareness Month

As though anyone were not aware of heterosexuals.

This came to my attention this morning, and I think it needs to get out there:

This was the image on Facebook that sparked this response from a gay man's son:

"How come nobody asked me what I want?..." It's clear to me that no one who was involved in the creation of this BS site ever bothered to ask children of gay parents how we feel about it. Well, even though you scrupulously avoided asking (because you knew you probably wouldn't like the answer, and it certainly wouldn't be useful to this campaign of slander), let me tell you, as the son of a gay man. My father is a remarkable man, he's an accomplished artist, he was a caring and involved father and mentor, and I love him. Therefore, I'm glad he was lucky enough to find love and happiness with someone who loves him back and appreciates him. I certainly don't care what that someone has between his legs; that's your PRURIENT AND WHOLLY INAPPROPRIATE CONCERN, and I really wish you'd stop putting it on people like me. You already claim to speak for gay people ("It's a choice," "Every gay relationship is dysfunctional," "No gay person can really be a Christian," etc) is that not enough? Do you need to appropriate the speech of their children too?

As you might guess, the "Heterosexual Awareness Month" people deleted the comment and blocked this young man from posting.

I have a question for the "Heterosexual Awareness Month" group, but I'm not going to try to post a comment at their Facebook page -- first, I don't do Facebook (I do value what little online privacy I've got left), and second, they'd delete it and block me. But here it is: Just who asks any child what kind of family they want? And when are you supposed to do this? At birth? At conception? Or, if you're in Arizona, two weeks before conception?

Oh, and don't forget: these are among the people who are always complaining about the gay side of this discussion not engaging in "civil" discussions. Of course, to be able to engage in a civil discussion, you've got to be willing to have a discussion to begin with. I guess their idea of "discussion" is "I talk, you listen."

Read the post at the link -- it's worth it. Oh, and for those of you who do Facebook and/or Twitter, or any of those other "social media" things, go to it -- this is something that needs the widest possible dissemination.

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