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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Neil Steinberg to Cardinal Francis George

Cardinal George has been a vocal proponent of enforcing Catholic doctrine on the citizens of Illinois, as Neil Steinberg points out in this piece from the Sun-Times:

I should be clear at the get-go, since so many readers have such a hard time with this: I am not Catholic, and my concern is not about what Catholics do or don’t do in practicing their own religion. It’s a free country, sort of, and all may follow whatever faith they like. As the leader of Chicago Catholics, you have a duty to tell your flock what being a good Catholic means. And were that the extent of your letters, I’d never dream of arguing. It would be none of my business.

But that is not what you’re doing. What you’re doing is instructing Catholics to pressure legislators, and pressuring them yourself, joined by like-minded clerics, to craft laws that force non-Catholics to follow Catholic doctrine. That makes it everybody’s business. It is the right — I would say duty — of non-Catholics to resist religious notions being imposed on Illinoisans through law.

Cardinal George is apparently concerned about being known as a bigot, when his attempts to pressure the Illinois legislature spring solely from his Deeply Held Religious Beliefs(TM). (Ahem.) I'm afraid the only response I can come up with to that one is very gay, indeed:

But yah are, Blanche!

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