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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Grab Bag

I find myself leaving comments on other blogs lately more than I'm posting here, so I thought I'd include links to a few of those stories that elicted a response, even if I didn't always post it.

From Pink News: Spain: Conservative ministers distance themselves from colleague’s anti-gay ‘survival of species’ argument

I always wonder just how this is supposed to happen -- with nearly 7 billion of us on this planet, how are we supposed to go extinct if the government recognizes my (alas, at this point only hypothetical) marriage?

From Towleroad: San Francisco 49er Chris Culliver Visits The Trevor Project as Follow-Up to Apology for Anti-Gay Remarks

I lit into the commenters on this one -- there were a couple who just don't want to accept what is obviously a sincere apology and attempt to do better. Question posed to them: What has happened to you in your life that you're convinced everyone is lying to you?

From Good As You: NOM's Roback Morse repeats belief that gays are to be chaste, live non-sexual lives

I don't know what Jennifer Roback Morse is a doctor of, but I certainly hope its not psychology. Another shill for the Catholic Church.

From Pam's House Blend, a post by Alvin McEwen: Robert Jeffress – tone-deaf homophobe for Jesus?

I couldn't watch more than 47 seconds of the video -- it took him 20 seconds to lie about gays and pedophilia. He's a disgusting person, but there are some good comments.

From Joe.My.God: Take THAT, Lech Walesa

You may have seen a story about Lech Walesa's bigoted remarks about gays and transgenders. The Polish parliament made what I think is an appropriate response. I didn't comment -- it's hardly necessary.

That should be enough for today.

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