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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Disgusting People: The Week In Review (Link Dump)

And it's been quite a week for them -- the woodwork has never been so busy.

First, a group who might as well be regulars in this category, the Liberty Counsel, knickers all twisted because the D.C. city council not only had the nerve to pass an ordinance outlawing SOCE (which is what they're calling "reparative therapy" now, since nothing else seemed to work), but repealed an amendment allowing private schools to discriminate at will. Choice bit:

Liberty Counsel sent a letter in opposition to Bill 20-803 [the bill banning SOCE] to every member of the DC City Council.

The vote was unanimous for passage. Tell you anything about how influential Liberty Counsel is?

The "Reverend" Stacy Swimp of Michigan made the list this week, bringing a new round of the Oppression Olympics to the Michigan House:

There’s a comparison between the homosexual allegation of gay rights and black civil rights,” he continued. “And as a minister of the Gospel, and as a black American whose parents participated in the Freedom Rides — my ancestors were slaves in plantations in the state of South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, Indiana and Mississippi — I stand here today rather offended.”

I invite Rev. Swimp to show me documentation of his trademark on "civil rights." Oh, and one question: when was the last time being black was outlawed?

An upbeat note: Another regular in this category, Scott "Export the Gays" Lively, will have to stand trial for crimes against humanity.

The Tony Perkins Award goes to this clown from Focus on the Family for the most lies told while saying absolutely nothing.

And ramping up the crazy, we have "ex-gay" Christopher Doyle. Click through to read the rant -- it's pretty disgusting, and quite possibly actionable. I hope Terry Bean and/or the board of HRC sue his ass.

And, under "This Week in Christian Love, we have Arizona "pastor" Steven Anderson, who has a long record of spewing filth and has now outdone himself, promising an "AIDS free" Christmas if we just kill all the "homos.

That's all I can take.

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