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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Liar du Jour

I'm not really up for a lot of analysis today -- it's just one of those days -- and picking apart Tony Perkins' lies is almost too easy, but why not? Via Joe.My.God.::
Make them bake cake! That's the verdict of an administrative judge in the case of Oregon bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein. The couple, who became the brave face of America's religious liberty clash, were informed yesterday by the state's Bureau of Labor and Industries that in the battle over marriage, their First Amendment rights no longer counted. Unfortunately for the parents of five, wedding vendors like them may soon have no choice. In the free market, the courts no longer seem to recognize the right to believe what you want. Owners of small businesses like Sweet Cakes by Melissa, Arlene's Flowers, Simply Elegant Wedding Planning, Hands On Originals, and others are seen as nothing more than tools of the government to think and believe as the state sees fit. If they refuse, as Aaron and Melissa have done, Oregon is threatening to bring the full weight of the government to bear. Where are all of those writers who insist that conservatives 'can't even convincingly demonstrate that anyone is hurt in any way by a gay wedding?' Still denying reality no doubt.

Where to start? First off, none of the cases he cites occurred in states where same-sex marriage was legal at the time. They're not about marriage law, they're about public accommodations law.

Second, the courts have said nothing about the vendors' personal religious beliefs, which are still, despite Perkins' fear-mongering, protected by the First Amendment. What they are not allowed to do is force those beliefs on everyone else, whose freedom of conscience is also protected by the First Amendment.

"Tools of the government"? That's extravagant, even for Perkins.

A point: I noticed he's dropped the "participate" part. I guess that just wasn't flying. I guess the part about being "hurt by a gay wedding" is supposed to dog-whistle that one.

And reading through this again, I realize there's no substance to it whatsoever. It's all just his stock catch-phrases with the names inserted in the appropriate blanks.

Needless to say, today's recipient of the Tony Perkins Award for bald-faced lying is none other than Tony Perkins.

Sadly, he's gotten to be a real bore. He needs some new material.

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