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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Today's Must-Read

This headline brought on one of those "Aha!" moments about the 2016 presidential campaign:

Sanders may be bad on details but he has what Clinton lacks — the spirit of protest

That's what the whole election is about, on both sides:

Not that the fuzziness mattered to Sanders supporters. His devoted following, mostly white and young, will remain steadfast to the end. Their loyalty to him is reminiscent of the Donald Trump supporters who don’t seem to care whether anything that comes out of his mouth is based on fact.

This is because both of their campaigns are rooted in the narrative of protest. Sanders has erected a big social justice tent that can fit in just about everyone on the left who responds to a call for revolution. But the Daily News session revealed that the revolution may be as impractical and unachievable as Trump’s promise to Make America Great Again.

In spite of what you've been hearing from the corporate media, it's not just Trump's supporters that are unhappy with the status quo -- there's a large proportion of the left that's equally unhappy (and, in my own personal opinion, with much more justification). To Sanders' credit, he's attacking some of the real problems, rather than throwing up straw men to generate anger. I don't think he has a real handle on policies to address those problems -- not in a real nuts and bolts sense -- but at least he's focusing on something real, rather than deporting everyone who's not white and old.

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