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Monday, July 18, 2016

A Telling Tweet

Digby has a post on the Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association's request to Gov. John Kasich to suspend open carry for the Republican convention, which in itself is delicious and worth reading. (Also note that police are not in favor of open carry or concealed carry.) One thing that sticks out, though, is a tweet from Ann Coulter (which, incidentally, appears on both stories linked):

Ann Coulter Verified account

Instead of suspending 2d amt rights at the Cleveland Convention, how about suspending 1st amt rights and ban the protesters?

12:15 PM - 17 Jul 2016
1,498 retweets 3,052 likes

Yeah, it's Ann Coulter, who will say anything to get some attention, but I find it revealing of the mindset of what passes for "conservatives" these days. (Note the number of "likes".)

I've pointed out before that the right -- especially the "Christian" right -- really despises our foundational principles: they hate an independent judiciary, they don't think the Bill of Rights should apply to everyone (or anyone other than them), they especially hate the Establishment Clause, they think the teabagger caucus in the House should be the supreme branch of government (subject to change, of course, depending on who's in the White House), they think the Tenth Amendment should override the Supremacy Clause, and on down the line. This just sort of puts it front and center.

(Of course, Coulter will claim she was joking. Right.)

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