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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Compare and Contrast: In a Nutshell

From Tom Sullivan at Hullabaloo, on the Democratic convention:

But the mood and speeches last night were a remarkable departure from the xenophobic gloom and witch trial antics at the Republican convention last week in Cleveland. Time (and sleep deprivation) prevent remarking on stunning speeches by Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders (whose welcome almost prevented him speaking). But it was Michelle Obama's speech that will be most remembered.

He has full transcript of Obama's speech, in case you don't want to watch the video.

It's the difference in tone that strikes me as most remarkable. Well, that and the difference in substance -- the only substance coming out of the Republican convention was the platform, which is one of the most reprehensible documents ever offered by a political party in this country -- while the Democrats have moved in the opposite direction, even if it's not really enough on all issues. The Democratic convention has a hard grounding in reality (give or take the hard-core BernieBots, who have even turned on their hero), which is foreign to the Republican mindset these days, by all appearances. Looks like, once again, the Democrats are the grown-ups, while the Republicans continue to behave like toddlers throwing tantrums.

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