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Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Press Strikes Out (Updated)

If you've been following the coverage of the Trump circus -- there's no way to avoid it, and I can't really call it coverage of the election campaign -- you've probably been as disgusted as I have at the sheer inanity of the press. John Aravosis has a good take-down, starting with Matthew Chapman's commentaries, via Twitter:

Matthew Chapman, who writes over at Blue Nation Review, has an epic tweet-storm up this morning about the media and the election.

You can read through Chapman’s entire litany below — you need to start reading from the bottom, then work your way up.

In a nutshell, Chapman argues that the media is failing us this election.

He notes, rightly, that “they’ve done nothing to educate us on the candidates’ policy (especially Clinton’s). They are only barely covering the candidates’ records.”

And he’s not record [wrong]. Think about it. When is the last time you heard anything about what Hillary Clinton plans to do as president? You’ve heard a lot about the Trump campaign’s false claims that Hillary is ill and that she’s a “racist.” We’ve also heard a lot about the now-debunked Associated Press story about the Clinton Foundation.

It goes on, and it's right on the nose. Click through to read the tweets.

It's become fairly obvious that the nightly news is no longer concerned with journalism -- it's entertainment, when it's not outright propaganda.

Update: Anne Laurie has a commentary at Balloon Juice on the press reaction to Trump's Mexico vist, with tweets. I like this one:

 Martha Jackovics @BeachPeanuts
Trump banned the press from his Mexico trip. The MSM takeaway here will be "Why won't Hillary Clinton do press conferences?"

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