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Monday, September 05, 2016

Welcome to Trump's America

Not because Trump is an instigator -- he's a facilitator for behavior like this:

A deaf high school senior in Omaha, Nebraska was the victim of a cruel prank this week when bullies took his backpack away and emptied the contents — including the battery for his cochlear implant hearing aid — into a school toilet.

KMTV reported on the story of Alexis Hernandez, a student at Omaha’s Burke High School, who looked around for his book bag during his lunch period on Wednesday and realized that it was gone.

He immediately notified school officials, who reviewed security footage but were unable to identify the two male students who waited until Hernandez left his table and then walked off with his belongings. School staff searched the school grounds for the bag to no avail.

Later, Hernandez’ homework, school supplies, tablet computer, hearing aid and debit card were found dumped into a toilet. Everything was ruined. He took a photo of the damage that was posted on social media and subsequently went viral.

It's not just that Trump is a racist asshole -- I don't know if he himself is racist or not, and I don't care -- he's playing that card for all it's worth. And when you give permission to treat one minority as less than human, you give permission to treat just about anyone as less than human.

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