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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Irony du Jour

Considering the role of the press in this election (see the first "Today's Must-Read" below), I hardly know how to react to this. The capper:

So what’s the plan? How can journalists prepare themselves for the age of Trump?

Aaron offers some advice. “Don't normalize; scrutinize,” he says. “Don't be a stenographer. Stay away from the press conferences and golf courses and dig into the documents, appointments and policies —i ncluding policies that will shape journalism, the internet and the media business.”

What else? “Stand up for those asking President Trump hard questions. Show solidarity with everyone committing acts of journalism even if they don't have fancy credentials. Get a good lawyer on speed dial. And encrypt everything.”

Maybe more journalists should have done this to begin with.

One wonders how the CEOs of the corporate media are going to deal with Trump's America, given the way they reacted to his campaign. After all, "the press" is no more monolithic than any other segment of our society, and the owners are the ones who decide what we get to see.

As a footnote to my comment about the press coverage of the election, see this:

. with Gallup-based word-cloud of what voters had heard about candidates Similar to Gore/Bush coverage 2000

'Nuff said?

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