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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Like This Will Really Go Somewhere

I'm guessing this is an exercise in futility:

The Democratic Coalition has filed an FBI complaint against Trump Campaign Chairman Steven Bannon, which alleging that he violated a federal campaign finance law coordinating Super PAC activities with the Trump campaign, and receiving payments from it after becoming officially part of the Republican campaign. . . .

The Democratic Coalition wrote:

On Tuesday morning, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump reported Trump Senior Advisor and Former Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon to the FBI for breaking campaign finance law. Over the course of the Trump campaign, Bannon was paid $950,090 by pro-Trump Super PAC, Make America Number 1, through his company Glittering Steel LLC, both before and after Bannon assumed his role as campaign CEO.

Glittering Steel produced the propaganda/smear film Clinton Cash, which was used by a group of FBI agents in New York as the basis for an "investigation" (another investigation) into the Clinton Foundation. Yes, that's the same FBI headed by James Comey, who popped up eleven days before the election with another announcement about E-Mails!!1! from devices that had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. The same FBI that, sadly, is charged with enforcing the Federal Election Campaign Act, under which this complaint was filed.

I'm sure the FBI will get right on it.

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