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Thursday, November 03, 2016

So, I Voted

I just hopped off the bus at the start of my errands yesterday and walked into the branch library right at the bus stop, went up to the second floor and voted. It took maybe 15 minutes.

I had to sign an affidavit that I am, indeed, me, but didn't have to show an ID.

And there were no threatening types in red caps wanting to see my ID or filming me going in -- this is, after all, the North Side of Chicago, and the actual polling place is on the second floor of the library. What are they going to do, challenge everyone returning a book?

Fourteen page ballot, eight pages of which were circuit judges up for retention. Eight pages of judges.

At the early voting place the machines were all electronic: touch screen, you can review and revise your vote at the end of each page, at the end of the whole thing, or after reviewing your paper record before you finalize your vote.

Yeah, we really have made an effort to clean up our act as far as voting is concerned. All the finagling takes place before the election now.

And that was this year's exercise in citizenship.

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Glenn Ingersoll said...

Nice to have it over with, isn't it?

Hunter said...

It's not that big a chore normally -- my regular polling place is in a senior apartment building a couple blocks from my other regular bus route and it's usually just about as complicated, except you have your choice of a paper ballot or the machines.

The last time I tried to vote early was for the mayoral election a couple of years ago; the early polling place was in the Broadway Armory, which, as you might imaging, is huge. The waiting time was an hour and a half. I left and voted on election day for that one -- I figured by then, everyone would have voted already.