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Friday, December 02, 2016

Yes, I Know

I haven't been commenting on the news lately. You hit a point where you just go numb, from sheer disbelief if nothing else: each nomination coming from the Hairpiece for high positions in his administration is worse than the last*, Kellyanne Conway is proving stiff competition for Tony Perkins for "Miss Mendacity," he's already started wheeling and dealing to land good deals for his companies, and there's only so much you can take.

Add in that the weather in Chicago is not helping: it's turned chilly and cloudy, which is not conducive to much.

One thing that did occur to me: Trump is pulling the same shit he pulled during the campaign: do or say something outrageous, something completely outside of any recognized norm, and the press will eat it up. He did it for fifteen months, at least in part as a smokescreen, and the press ate it up. They know he's doing it, and they're still eating it up, because it makes their bosses happy: the money, to quote one network CEO, is just rolling in.

So I am sitting here listening to some music from an online friend of old by the name of John Stone, whom I met when we were both reviewing for Epinions, before a series of acquisitions left it as part of eBay and they wiped all the reviews of items not on the eBay database and stopped accepting new reviews on Epinions. It's a selection of smaller pieces, and very nice stuff. If you should run across any of his music, I recommend it.

* The main reason to have the world's most powerful military is so that you don't have to use it. Duh. And this guy, who has not been on my radar before now, sounds like a real sicko.

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