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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Antidote: There Are Decent People in the World

From the CBC:

It's barely noticeable to passersby, but a piece of paper taped to the door of Marché Ferdous, a small Mediterranean restaurant in downtown Montreal, has caught the attention of some Montrealers.

The sign, written in both English and French, reads, "People with no money welcome to eat for free."

That goodwill gesture has won the restaurant, located at the corner of Ste-Catherine Street West and Mackay Street, a lot of praise online.

The restaurant's co-owner, Yahya Hashemi, said they've been giving free meals to the hungry for about five months now. He added that they consider it as a business expense.

"We don't think about how much it will cost us," said Hashemi.

They serve free meals to about four or five people a day, and staff do not ask questions or judge anyone who asks for a free meal, he said.

Oh, and a note to all the "Christians" out there busy trying to legislate people's rights away:

Originally from Iran, Hashemi said it is part of his faith to help those in need and he wanted to give back to Canada since he says it has given him so much.

And the Facebook post that went viral, via Crooks and Liars:

Corner of Mackay and st catherine you find this place. They are offering people food that have no money for free. Curious enough I walked in and pretend I had no money and asked for food. She didn't ask anything, but said we welcome you and pick whatever you like, including anything I wanted to drink.

Made me smile and warm inside I paid for my food and told them they were awesome for doing this. They said it wasn't for the holiday season, but all the time they want to encourage helping each other through tough times. Absolutely incredible.

Share the fuck out of this. Maybe someone you know may need help to eat tonight. Spread the love

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