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Sunday, January 22, 2017

I Was Worried

After seeing all the coverage of the Women's March from various cities -- RawStory has a slide show of marches in cities around the world if you can catch it -- Hah! Let's see if it will embed:


Anyway, I hadn't seen any mention of demonstrations in Chicago, and you may remember that Chicago has a long history of demonstrations, so I was a bit concerned that my hometown had pooped out. Well, Google is your friend (as I keep telling my barely computer literate sister). As it turned out:

An estimated quarter-million demonstrators poured into downtown on Saturday, so many that organizers of the Women's March on Chicago told the throngs that the event would only be a rally because there wasn't room to march. But people marched anyway.

"Michigan Avenue is flooded with marchers," event co-chairwoman Ann Scholhamer told the crowd at Jackson and Columbus drives a little before 11 a.m. "Wabash is flooded with marchers. State Street is flooded with marchers. People are still waiting for trains in Oak Park. We called, and you came."

So what was supposed to be a pre-march rally, with a lineup of more than 30 speakers, turned into the main event. City officials would echo organizers' decision a short while later, saying there would no longer be a "pedestrian component" to the march, and that Grant Park had reached capacity.

They marched anyway.

Grant Park, looking toward the Loop:

Photo;  Chicago Tribune

The turn out, by the way, was roughly three times what organizers had expected.

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