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Friday, January 13, 2017

It's Called a "Freudian Slip"

Ben Carson strikes again:

At Carson’s confirmation hearing for secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Warren noted that President-elect Donald Trump will be uniquely positioned to benefit from HUD contracts due to his real estate business. During a press conference a day earlier, Trump had revealed a controversial plan to allow his sons to run his business instead of putting his assets in a blind trust as other presidents have done.

“My concern is that among the billions of dollars that you will be responsible for handing out in grants in loans,” Warren said to Carson. “Can you just assure us that not one dollar will go to benefit either the president-elect or his family?”

“It will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any American,” Carson declared boldly. “It’s for all Americans.”

Sounds like the Trump administration in a nutshell.

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Pieter said...

Although there's been a lot of discussion about the divestment plan, I don't think it's really controversial. Trump's attorney presented what amounts to a razzle-dazzle shell game -- apparently the main reason he hired Morgan, Lewis, Bockius, who are big guns in the legal world. She (Shari Dillon) was clever, but not clever enough, and the attempt would be transparently amusing if it weren't so clearly deficient.