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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Today in Disgusting People: Lifetime Achievement Award

I'm sure that, as the government collapses, I'll be handing out more of these, but the latest stunt by today's recipient is simply jaw-dropping and certainly merits the first such award. Via Digby:

House Republicans have found a subject for their opening review of conflicts of interest under Donald Trump: the federal official in charge of investigating conflicts of interest.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the head of the House Oversight Committee, criticized the director of the federal Office of Government Ethics on Thursday over his criticism of Donald Trump’s plan to address conflicts of interest. And he threatened to subpoena the official, Walter Shaub, if he refuses to participate in an official interview.

Here's more detail/backstory from C&L.

This is what happens when you give a small rodent a great deal of power.

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