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Wednesday, February 08, 2017


Sixteen bison have been relocated to a remote part of Banff National Park in southern Alberta:

It seems to have gone smoothly, but I wonder why they did it in the winter, instead of summer when there would be more forage, etc.

(Via Towleroad)

Aha! Google is your friend. From Parks Canada:

For 16 months, the bison will remain in an enclosed pasture in the Panther Valley, closely monitored by Parks Canada. In approximately June 2018, the herd will be released to explore the full ~1200km2 reintroduction zone in the remote eastern slopes of Banff where they will interact with other native species, forage for food and fulfill their missing role in the ecosystem.

So this is stage one, and when they are fully released, it will be summer.

(I've been to Banff, briefly: it's the flip side of Glacier National Park in Montana, and right at the edge of the prairie. Alberta east of the Rockies is like Kansas, at least in the summer, but more so: miles and miles of miles, mostly filled with wheat.)

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