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Friday, February 10, 2017

Today in Disgusting People: Comeuppance

I'm sure I've had things to say about Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who, among other things, is chairman of the House Witch-Hunt Committee.

Now that Donald Trump is, theoretically, president, it seems that there's nothing for the committee to do:

"But I'm not going to go on this fishing expedition that they want me to, that the Democrats want me to."

I hardly need to point out the howling hypocrisy.

And Rep. Elijah Cummings has asked Chaffetz to investigate Kellyanne Conway's free commercial for Ivanka Trump's fashion line (and considering Conway's own fashion sense, uh -- well, would you?), but there's no word yet on whether that constitutes a fishing expedition. (But it's all good -- Conway's been "counseled" on that subject.)

Apparently, ten investigations of Benghazi!!1!, and how many of E-Mails!!1!?, not to mention Planned Parenthood, that nefarious provider of health services for poor women, are not exactly what constituents sent him to Congress for.

He held a town hall. It didn't go well.

Just maybe here's one rodent who's about to learn that with power comes responsibility.


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