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Monday, March 27, 2017

Lost in the Noise

As in, the white noise from the White House. What's been overlooked somewhat in the tweet-storm from the Loser in Chief is Paul Ryan's role in the "repeal and replace" debacle. Aside from offering a bill that was up to his usual standard (i.e., disastrous), let's not forget that he's still in love with Ayn Rand (who could very easily become the type specimen for hypocritical freeloaders*):

From commenter The Leftist
MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid reminded her viewers that House Speaker Paul Ryan's (R-WI) proposed cuts to Medicaid services for children were something that he truly believes in and not just a concession to far-right Republicans. . . .

"I disagree with you that he was rolled on that," the MSNBC host told Ross. "Because Paul Ryan's ideology, this sort of Ayn Rand ideology, suggests to me that that's something he was fine with doing to get his tax cut."

In point of fact, Ryan has done very little to hide that fact, recently reminding Rich Lowry that they "dreamed" of depriving the working poor of the dignity to have access to healthcare back in their college kegger days.

It really seems to have gotten to the point where you have to be a sociopath to be elected to Congress.

* And Ryan is following in her footsteps: from the article linked in the quote:

And don't forget, as he surely has: Ryan's college days were funded by his Social Security survivors benefits since his father had passed away.

This man is second in line for the presidency.

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