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Saturday, March 25, 2017

No Surprises Here (Update, Update 2)

Somebody looks a little stressed.
Well, Trumpcare, a/k/a "Repeal and Replace," is dead in the water, at least for the next fifteen minutes, which is how long it will take Trump's base to forget about it. Trump, of course, is blaming everyone else, but mostly the Democrats:

Trump accused Democrats of not being "civilized" but said when they become civilized and decided to work with Republicans to come up with a new health care plan he will be open to it.

Click through to check out all the lies in his statement -- it comes out to about one per sentence

Digby nails it:

The upshot is that the great negotiator couldn't even get his own party to agree to a bill they all ran on. He made the ultimate miscalculation by backing the Freedom Caucus, notorious nihilist back-stabbers whose seats are entirely safe instead of the moderates who would be primaried from the right for voting against the bill and opening up the seat to a Democrat. They were the ones who needed his protection but he's too dumb to know that.

The White House finally realized that a vote on this bill was worse than no vote at all and they defaulted to Trump's preferred strategy which is to just keep ragging on the hated black guy which he knows his voters love more than anything.

The man has no business being in government at any level.

Update: The headline at Crooks and Liars says it all:

Trump Blames Democrats For Not Repealing Their Own Healthcare Bill

Update 2: Looks like someone was a little overconfident:

A thought: Y'know, if Trump and the Republicans (sounds like a garage band for losers) hadn't made such a circus out of this, it wouldn't have been such a major black eye.

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