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Friday, March 17, 2017

Today in Disgusting People: How "Christian" Can You Get?

OK, I grant you, there are too many contenders for our "disgusting people" mention today, but here's one of our perennial favorites: Tony Perkins is just hugging himself over The Hairpiece's proposed budget. Via Joe.My.God.:

For now, conservatives should be more than pleased with the overall direction of Trump’s government. While we’re still digging into the details, the fact that Trump is trying to cut spending and defund the germinators of taxpayer-funded liberalism is very encouraging.

I daresay, "conservatives" of Perkins' stripe are wetting themselves over Trump's budget -- the one that defunds Meals on Wheels, after-school assistance programs for poor kids, help with heating bills for the poor, that sort of thing.

Hey, Perkins -- a little reminder: Matthew 25:31-46. Maybe you should read it.

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