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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Antidote: Easters Past

For sheer, everyday incompetence, nothing can beat the Trump regime. (I refuse to call it an "admimistration.") From Digby:

Trump's well oiled machine is supposed to make the government run like a business.

And they can't even get the easter egg roll together:

The only thing more ridiculous than the White House Easter Egg Roll is the inability to plan a White House Easter Egg Roll. But as with health care, nobody in the Trump administration knew it could be so complicated to plan this festive spring event that has been going off relatively hitch-free since the Hayes administration. For someone who promised to never allow the blasphemous tidings “happy holidays” to emerge from our irreligious lips again, President Trump is remarkably lax about this Christian-lite rite.

Makes you yearn for the good old days -- like, last year:

Can you imagine Trump doing something like that?

And as for the First Lady:

There's just no comparison. I'm reminded of a poem by Constantine Cavafy, "Waiting for the Barbarians" -- except that the barbarians are here and have taken over.

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