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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Notre Dame Walkout: Compare and Contrast

You've no doubt read about the 150 or so graduating students at Notre Dame University who walked out of Mike Pence's commencement address. The reactions, as one might expect, have been many and varied.

South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, I think, got it right:

“What I appreciate about it is it’s clear that the students want to express their commitment to tolerance and the values that they believe a Catholic University ought to uphold, and that this administration is not compatible with those values,” Buttigieg said. “And at the same time, I think they found a very respectful way to do it.”

Buttigieg added he does “respect the office of the vice presidency, too,” and each student should make his or her own decision on the walkout, but the way demonstrators chose to protest was an appropriate to speak out against the Trump administration.

“You go to a university in order to form your conscience and they’re expressing their conscience in a way that I really respect and admire,” Buttigieg said.

Wha's especially important to note is Buttigieg's emphasis on conscience, given the way that concept is waved like a flag to justify the petty bigotry of so-called "Christians."

Speaking of which, here's has-been-before-he-was-anybody Franklin Graham's reaction:

"The New York Times," Graham continues, "says many of those who walked out were wearing their LGBT rainbow or flag pins in protest. To get up and walk out on the Vice President of the United States of America, who was gracious enough to come speak at their graduation, that’s just insolent! Maybe they need to take another class before they graduate—one on civility and respect. What do you think?"

. . .

"This country is so fortunate to have a Vice President like Mike Pence. He’s a great man and a strong leader who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. I thank God for him."

The emphasis on respect for authority is striking, especially when contrasted to Buttigieg's comments about conscience. But then, that's what Graham's brand of "Christianity" is all about: servility.

(Oh, and do remember that that "strong leader" almost lost his cookies trying to backtrack on Indiana's anti-trans, anti-gay "religious freedom" bill.)

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