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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Coming Attractions

I've missed the last few movies wanted to see (or thought I wanted to see), as much through inertia as for any other reason. This one looks like something I'll make the effort for:

Making waves at this year's Sundance Film Festival was God's Own Country, a small but perfectly formed British indie from debut feature director Francis Lee, telling the story of a rural romance that dare not speak its name in the rolling West Yorkshire countryside. . . .

It's been described – a little lazily, you might argue – as "Brokeback Mountain set in Yorkshire". But it's a comparison that Lee, speaking to Empire for the current issue (on sale now), appreciates. " I love Brokeback Mountain," Lee says. "The comparison feels like an honour, but they are very different. Brokeback is of a particular time and place – its two central characters can't be together because of society's attitudes. In God's Own Country, it's all to do with the central character's inability to open up."

That central character is Johnny Saxby (Josh O'Connor), a young farmer in West Yorkshire, who is joined on the farm by Romanian worker Gheorghe (Alec Secareanu) when Johnny's father suffers a stroke. As they work together, early hostility gives way to something physical.

I'll confess that trailers, as often as not, turn me off to the film. I'll withhold judgment on this one, though.

September 1 release.

(Via Towleroad.)

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