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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Somebody's Been Turning Over Rocks

And guess what they found.

First, of course, is Old Reliable, Hate Group Leader Extraordaire, Mr. Mendacity himself:

The problem at the U.S. Embassy in Romania wasn’t that officials were saluting the flag. The problem was which flag they were saluting. In a tradition most Americans hoped was gone with President Obama, a handful of U.S. diplomats decided to fly the rainbow flag on par with the stars and stripes that millions have died defending.

The jarring sight in Guatemala, Cuba, Macedonia, the Dominican Republican, and other countries was just more evidence of the politically correct mess left behind by the last administration. Although President Trump refused to declare June LGBT pride month, plenty of Obama holdovers are taking matters into their own hands. Out of respect for the voters who rejected that extreme agenda, it’s time for administration officials to step in and put a stop to a display that puts a sexual fringe on the same pole as Old Glory.

As we all remember, The Hairpiece actually lost the election, even though he won the Electoral College -- an argument for getting rid of it if there ever was one: the Electoral College has given us the two worst presidents (in terms of general competence) since World War II. (Well, OK, the Supreme Court helped on one of them.)

And most Americans -- that is, the ones who believe in our country and what it stands for -- or used to stand for -- just wish Tony Perkins would shut up and go away. But then, these are the people Perkins considers "real Americans."

A side note: If Trump had made the requisite proclamation, among the seemingly dozens of others, it would have been hollow -- do we really want to be equated with "Great Outdoors Month"? (Not that I have anything against the great outdoors, at all.) And we don't need him: Here at home, the rainbow flags went up in Lakeview on May 31, along with the "Uptown Proud" banners in Uptown, and rainbows -- mostly flags, but some rather more creative -- are appearing in businesses and apartment windows all along the parade route, and other places as well. I don't doubt that it's the same in other cities.

And, for the icing on the cake, here's a voice from the far fringes of the "Christian" right:

In an audio commentary posted online last week, anti-LGBTQ activist Linda Harvey of Mission America called for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate “the outrageous actions of major homosexual groups trying to normalize this behavior throughout all of America.”

Such groups must be investigated, Harvey said, because they “continue to twist the truth, blatantly engage in religious discrimination, demand that people lose jobs and corrupt children.”

. . .

“I think we need special investigations into the actions of homosexual advocates at the state and federal level,” Harvey declared.

It seems that Donald Trump isn't the only one who has no idea how this country works. Or can we take it that Harvey is another one of those "patriots" who despise our foundational principles? (And she really should come with a laugh track.)

(For the record, Harvey and her husband are Mission America. He is also, apparently, the major funder. Take that for what it's worth.)

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