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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Today in "Real Christians"

This sort of beggars belief -- but it doesn't:

A woman charged with beating a fellow church member to “expel homosexual demons” has admitted to “starting” the mass assault in court.

Sarah Anderson is one of five people on trial for the assault on Matthew Fenner, who was beaten in his church.

30 people reportedly attacked Fenner in 2013 at the Word of Faith church in North Carolina.

Anderson has testified that she told others leaders in the church that she believed the man to be “unclean and sinful”.

After this, the minister of the church, Brooke Covington, allegedly started the two-hour long attack by screaming at Fenner and slapping him after a service.

This church sounds like something out of a dystopian science fiction novel:

The church, which was founded in 1979, has been exposed for having strict regulations and control over its members.

The Associated Press reported that the Protestant, non-denominal church had the deciding choice over who could marry who and which couples were allowed to have children.

Those who failed to obey the church faced “humiliating” or “physical” punishment.

The AP also revealed from a series of interview with former members that “sinners” regularly faced the same type of attack that Fenner faced with punching, choking and beating being an accepted way of “expelling demons”.

I have to wonder what kind of person willingly hands himself over to that kind of treatment -- I mean, the potential is always there, especially if you leave it up to someone else to decide whether you're "possessed."

And of course, they're claiming persecution -- because if you insist on a "real Christian" adhering to civilized modes of behavior, that's discrimination.

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