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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Antidote: It's What I Keep Saying

We take care of each other:

At least, we're supposed to.

Stray, but somewhat related thought: Judaism, the parent religion to Christianity (and Islam, as it happens), was a tribal religion: exclusive, xenophobic to the point of being out and out racist, strongly patriarchal and authoritarian. Along comes Jesus*, who preaches inclusivity, love, compassion, charity, generosity -- all attributes that one might find in early Judaism, but in that case limited to the members of the tribe. Jesus expanded the definition of "us."

And modern evangelical "Christians" have gone back to the worst aspects of early Judaism, while the Jews have gone the way of early Christianity.

It's an idea that requires more thought/development, but I think it has the seeds of truth.

* Oh, and about the perennial debate over whether Jesus actually existed: it doesn't matter. The myth is there.

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