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Sunday, August 13, 2017


For some reason, it's been a Brahms morning -- a decision I made before I started reading the news.

I've always loved Brahms. My first exposure to "classical" music happened when I was about eight or nine; we always had music -- my mother came from a very musical family -- but it was all kids' records ("Brave Cowboy Bill"), country, and Elvis. At any rate, my dad brought home a surplus 78 rpm recording of the Brahms D Minor piano concerto -- the music teacher at his school was upgrading to 33s -- and I went nuts. If you follow this blog, or my reviews, you can see where that led.

At any rate, it's been, so far, the D Minor, the complete symphonies (the von Karajan recordings), and maybe next the piano quintet -- or the second piano concerto.

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