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Sunday, January 01, 2012

And a Happy New Year to You! (Updated)

I was going to title this post "Lo! How the Mighty have fallen!" in honor of Cardinal Francis George, the archbishop of Chicago, who has not only put his foot in it knee-deep with regard to the annual Pride parade, but decided that stupidity was the better part of valor by doubling down on it. Now he has the Tribune on his case.

Read the whole thing -- it's delicious. I especially like this bit:

Responding to the blowback, a diocesan spokeswoman said the remarks were taken out of context and suggested people listen to the entire interview. We did. They aren't.

And do understand that this is the Chicago Tribune, not renowned for being one of the most liberal papers in the country.

It must be really upsetting to realize that people will criticize you for being a vicious bigot. Sorry about that, Cardinal George.


Here's a good post from Scott Wooledge that gives an excellent summary of the whole controversy (mostly generated by Francis George), and some well-earned criticism of the Archbishop.

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