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Monday, January 05, 2015

About Those Review Pages

So I started working on the older Green Man Review pieces, which involves going through my own files (yes, I keep a copy of every review, which isn't as much of a pain as it sounds, since I write them on Word and then transfer them to the site template; I just have to save the document) and then doing searches on the site for author/title, finding the piece, and then checking to make sure it hasn't been moved to Sleeping Hedgehog, because a huge proportion of the stuff I wrote for GMR is no longer within the GMR purview.

In fact, of the first ten or twelve I checked, five had to be moved and two had already been moved.

This is going to take a while, because there's no point in putting in the GMR link if I'm moving them to SH, I can't add them into the blog pages until they're published, and I can't publish the ones I move until I write a cover post. And I've still got a backlog of new material, which gets priority.

Oh, and since the pieces originally published at GMR and transferred to SH all have an opening line to the effect that they were previously published at GMR, I don't see any point in putting that information into the index, so that question is resolved.

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