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Monday, January 05, 2015

Saturday Science: On Einstein, Climate Change, and How It Works

Yeah, I know it's Monday, but I just ran across this at Mahablog, and you should read it. It's a wonderful segue from Einstein's General Theory of Relativity to climate change to how science works. Key idea:

In other words, in the world of science, nothing is ever settled. No scientific theory, even stuff that’s been accepted for generations and observed and tested to within an inch of its life, is ever placed beyond all doubt.

And the absolute worst sin, the thing that will get one booted out of the Science Club, is being thought of as too credulous. So no matter how many tons of empirical evidence one may collect to support one’s theories, lectures and published papers are always embroidered in language that gives the scientist an escape hatch if part of it is challenged by new data.

And from there she goes on to eviscerate climate change denialists and other anti-science buffoons.

Gets to the core of the issues and beautifully written. Read the whole thing.

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