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Thursday, August 04, 2016

About That "Rigged" Election We're Going to Have

I wrote a bit on this the other day and did do a follow-up, but I think this could become a serious enough problem that it needs to be kept front and center. I don't think Trump consciously wants to take down the system, but he's so far stuffed up his own butt that he doesn't seem to comprehend that there are consequences to everything (a common failing on the right, as well as the extreme left).

At any rate, Digby brings us some much-needed perspective, relevant not only to this but to the concerted effort by Republican-controlled state legislatures to restrict access to voting over the past several years:

Her comment is worth noting:

From what I gather on cable news and social media it's considered a matter of fact among some number of people that the primaries were rigged and the general election will also be rigged. In other words, many people have become convinced that they cannot legitimately lose an election.
(Emphasis in original.)

We're dealing with a mindset that we've seen in any number of contexts over the past few decades, starting with the Moral Majority: they have Truth™ on their side, so any setback is due to a conspiracy among their enemies. Or the Devil. Same difference.

She also provides a link to this analysis of voter fraud -- from the real world.

And tristero has some sobering information on just how the election could be manipulated -- and it's not from people voting ten times.

Even Homeland Security is concerned.

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