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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Culture Break: Arvo Part: The Deer's Cry

Sometimes it can be really frustrating to put up these "Culture Break" posts if I have something specific in mind. Finding a video is not always easy. I had planned on posting a video of Pärt's "The Deer's Cry," which is the title track of the new ECM album I just reviewed. Unfortunately, there's no full-length video of a performance by Vox Clamantis, which is the group that recorded the album, and other versions, while they present the full piece, require one to jack the volume all the way up to hear them at all. So, if you can't hear it, turn up that dial (or whatever):

And here's a brief video of the recording session for the ECM album. You can see that Pärt was very much involved:

The music is, if I'm not mistaken, "Alleluia Tropus," which is also on the album.

And if you haven't yet read my review, it's here.

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