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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Today's Must-Read: Hillary's Health

Digby has what I think is the definitive piece on the whole "Hillary's failing health" fantasy being broadcast 24/7 by Breitbart, Drudge, Infowars, and, like the lapdogs they are, the "mainstream" press. This is a key point:

At that moment they could have chosen to analyse Clinton's pressing on with the campaign in spite of having pneumonia as an indication of her grit and dedication to the campaign. And in fairness some did. For instance, contrary to widely assumed rumor that she'd been taking it easy all month, Jeff Zeleny of CNN said that he'd covered five presidential campaign and had never seen a more brutal schedule than Clinton's. Or the media could have taken Clinton's doctor at her word that she is being treated and will recover nicely. Instead they settled on their tedious narrative of righteous indignation about Clinton's supposed pathological secretiveness in failing to inform them of her diagnosis the minute she got it. It's all about them.

I've had pneumonia, twice that it was severe enough that I wound up in the hospital hooked up to antibiotics and fluids for a couple of days. It took three weeks to recover fully. Now, I doubt that Clinton is having as severe an episode as I did, but still, to take a couple days off what is a brutal schedule to recover is pretty tough on her part.

I doubt that Trump -- or Drudge or anyone at Breitbart, for that matter -- could maintain her schedule and deal with pneumonia at the same time.

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