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Friday, November 25, 2016

Today's Must-Read: Americans Weren't the Only Ones Campaigning

A rather sobering article from Josh Marshall, on Russian dissemination of fake news during our election season and the reaction of other governments to the news, especially Germany:

But while they are on their guard, here in the US people are already starting to forget. We're on to worrying about Trump's latest outrage, taking up our preferred position in the internecine warfare within the Democratic party, cursing the pollsters and a lot else. Indeed, it's not just that many of us are starting to move on. All along the reality of what happened - that our election was manipulated by a highly effective Russian subversion campaign - is difficult to fully process or accept.

Marshall links to this article from Buzzfeed, which you should also read -- much more detail. In fact, click through to everything he's linked to in his article.

It was only half tongue-in-cheek that I referred to Trump several times as a Russian puppet. While maybe not strictly accurate (but at this point, who can tell, considering the ways he's mixing the presidency and his own business interests), I was more on target than I knew: Putin got the president he wanted.


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