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Friday, January 27, 2017

Stray Thought

Actually, not so stray, considering the concern about rollbacks to gay rights, especially marriage, engendered by Trump's choice for Attorney General, an unregenerate racist and homophobe, and probable choice for the Supreme Court.

I pass, on my daily or near-daily wanderings, one: medical offices located on the ground floor of a newish building, with large street-level windows, and two: a former senior apartment building newly rehabbed and now leasing apartments. In both cases, one of the large street-level windows, both facing major traffic arteries, portray gay couples as happy clients/residents.

Now, granted, this is the North Side of Chicago and not Nowhere, Alabama, but it seems to me that there is a degree of acceptance revealed by this that gives a good indication of what the Tony Perkinses of the country are up against if they try to roll back the advances we've made in the past couple of decades. We're an integral part of the fabric of this country now.

They shouldn't get too cocky.

(This is aside from the number of gay and lesbian couples I see walking through the Zoo arm in arm or holding hands -- where there are cheeldrun! -- and no one bats an eyelash. It's at the point where, if I see two men with strollers or small children, it's hard to tell if they're a family or just two guys giving their wives a day off.)

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