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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guns (Updated)

I was going to post on the Sandy Hook shooting, and some of the attendant idiocy from the right, but words fail me. Maybe later.

Update: As as stopgap, take a look at this timeline.

Pam Spaulding brings up a couple of relevant issues that most other reports ignore.

Since gun control legislation is a non-starter, why not focus on an area — mental illness — that is under-discussed because of stigma and help unearth the origins of our anti-social behavior and inability to serve those in emotional and psychological distress before they act out violently? It’s at least a more realistic starting point than hitting heads against the wall while these shootings keep mounting.

My hope is that in this politically polarized nation that we can find some common ground on mental health policy and perception of treatment of it as no less important than addressing any physical chronic disease. And it has to go hand in hand with a serious look at our culture’s “me first”, hair-trigger-temper mentality. Look at the atrocious, almost expected violent mob and aggressive behavior of some shoppers on Black Friday over big screen TVs or the latest toy. Or road rage where guns are pulled out in lieu of shouting or even fisticuffs. We are a society that always seems to be on the edge of blowing a gasket over minor crap.

See also this post by Josh Marshall -- we worship guns and violence in this country.

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