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Monday, November 07, 2016

"Gun!" (Update)

Via WaPo:

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USSS statement/Trump incident: "Immediately in front of the stage, an unidentified individual shouted "gun." ... no weapon was found."

As it turns out:

In fact, it quickly began to seem there hadn't been any apparent threat to Trump at all.

After the rally, multiple reporters interviewed the man who had been led away, Austin Crytes. He was not a Democrat, but rather a Republican who opposed Trump and supported Clinton.

Of course, Hairpiece Junior and other members of the entourage are calling it an "assassination attempt" and milking it for all it's worth.

I'm really sort of surprised that Trump hasn't staged an assassination attempt himself, to pick up the sympathy vote. But don't tell anyone I mentioned it -- there's still two days left before it's all over.

Update: Josh Marshall has what seems to be a good summary of what actually happened. And this:

By the end of the evening, Trump was fine. Crites was released little more than an hour after the incident - another clear sign that he had never been any threat to Trump. But core Trump supporters, immune from accounts of what had happened, been reported and verified, were off and running with a new fable about how Trump survived an attempted assassination. As I saw David Frum note in passing this morning, it is amazing the degree to which abusers are able to transmute their abuse into victimization, creating a grievance perpetual production machine. This is what the Trump campaign is.

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